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Pine Ridge Food Distribution
December 24, 2011

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Dear Friends of Worldwide Hunger Relief,

 Definitely not what one would expect this time of year. At 8:00 A.M. on this beautiful day, a semi trailer of frozen meat and other foodstuffs made its first stop in the town of Wanblee. Through the donation of meat and other protein rich products, our organization was able to pack 1,000 boxes of food, weighing almost 35,000 pounds and deliver it to the Lakota in Pine Ridge. Many local people worked tirelessly to sort, separate, and package the meat in boxes. Our friends at the Hutterite Colony in Gibbon Minnesota donated the use of their semi tractor and refrigerated trailer and paid the considerable cost of the fuel to deliver the meat to the reservation.

Once on the reservation we partnered with several Lakota to help distribute the meat to shut ins, elderly, and country people who were in great need for food. Jerome High Horse took care of the towns of Wanblee, and Allen, and also saw to it that the Crazy Horse School had extra food to send home with the children on their Christmas break. The indomitable Rose Fraser handled Kyle, Sharps Corner, Porcupine and Wounded Knee. And finally my good friend Bamm Brewer took over the distribution in Wakpamni, Oglala, and Red Shirt.

Bamm told me that when he helped unload boxes on Oglala, it hit him that here were the poorest people in the poorest place in America and they were happy and smiling because of what we did for them. He said that it put a lump in his throat and almost made him cry. Bamm’s a tough guy, raises horses and buffalo on his ranch, so the efforts that we made, alongside our Lakota brothers and sisters, deeply touched the hearts of our Lakota friends. 

Along with the 1,000 food boxes, we also sent 200 pounds of smoked ham and all the sides for the Wanblee Christmas Party that was going to be cancelled because of the lack of food and money. We fed hundreds of people and made Christmas special for them. We sent a special shipment of “fixin’s” to Bamm so that he could prepare chili for several hundred riders of the Bigfoot ride. This ride takes place during Christmas and culminates in a gathering in the town of Pine Ridge on December 29. The ride commemorates the massacre of almost 300 women and children by the U.S. army at Wounded Knee, one of the most shameful acts ever committed by our country. That we are able to provide the food for the rider’s final night’s dinner fills me with a very special satisfaction.

I wish to thank everyone who helped make this food distribution possible, both here in Wisconsin, our Hutterite  friends in Minnesota, and our Lakota Brothers and sisters in Pine Ridge.

God’s peace and blessings to you all.
Karl Ralian, President
December, 2011




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