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Worldwide Hunger Relief, Inc. is a group of volunteers in the greater Milwaukee area who felt compelled to do something to help alleviate  starvation among children in many parts of the world, including the USA.

For several years we have partnered with Feeding Children International of Stewart Minnesota, and have had the privilege and honor to conduct our own food packing events, and to work with other organizations to help them conduct their own packing events.

The earthquake in Haiti caused us to reassess our commitment, and we decided to form our own non profit organization to work on a full time basis to conduct food packing events for ourselves and also for other groups and organizations.

Since the Haitian earthquake we have shipped nearly 1,000,000 meals to Haiti and an additional  270,000 meals to feed children in other parts of the world.

If your church, youth group, school, or other organization is interested in packing food to feed hungry kids, we will be glad to work with your organization  to conduct your own food packing event. We have conducted food packs for groups as small as 30 people and as large as 2,000+. We own our own equipment and we stock ingredients in a donated warehouse in Waukesha.

Since we are a 100% volunteer organization, and our warehousing costs are covered through a private donation, virtually all the money we raise goes to cover the cost of ingredients, trucking, and occasionally, shipping and distribution of the food, along with a small amount for incidental expenses. If you are interested in discussing a pack event for your organization, please e-mail us at: info@worldwidehungerrelief.org




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Worldwide Hunger Relief is a registered 501(c) 3 organization. All donations to WHR are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.

An organization that helps feed hungry people, locally, nationally and internationally. We partner with organizations to conduct food packs to provide fortified meals to nourish people (primarily children) in marginalized areas.

We believe that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or government affiliation, has an equal right to food, and we provide that food to as many needy people as we possibly can. Toward this end, we believe our efforts are a small but significant instrument to bring Peace into the world.