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Worldwide Hunger Relief, Inc. (WHR) was founded in 2007 as a charity that promoted and enabled churches and other civic institution to create food packing events. These events packed fortified meals to feed hungry children and families in the US and the world.  Over the past 10 years we have adhered to our core purpose and to date, we have shipped somewhere close to 10,000,000 meals around the world.
While our core program is food packing, we also have 2 other programs that have grown in the past several years. They are: WHR Builds, and WHR-Reservation Outreach, to rehab homes, and to collect and distribute school supplies, clothing and food. Both of these programs are directed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, which is the poorest area in the United States.

Food Packs - in 2017 we partnered with 14 churches and civic groups to pack 676,000 fortified meals. In  2017, we packed both the original Rice and Soy Protein meals, and also an oatmeal and Cinnamon breakfast meal. As soon as inventories of the ingredients of these two meals are depleted, we will be going to a rice and beans meal. Rice and beans are more culturally accepted than soy protein, which is unknown in most of the world. While  we packed over 676,000 meals in 2017, we only shipped out one container load (256,000 meals) to our distribution partner in El Salvador. We  have an additional 2 container loads in our warehouse ready for distribution.

5WHR Builds - This is a group of people that have a passion and interest in building and/or rehabilitating housing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  We send several volunteers to the reservation in April to look over housing rehab requests. The volunteers Plan the projects and write up a bill of materials for the projects. We purchase the required materials, and then in August we send the main group to the reservation to do the rehabbing over a period of a week or more. We place a great emphasis on rehabbing the homes of Lakota elders and disabled veterans.  For anyone interested in construction, this is a wonderful way to give back to people who are so very grateful for whatever help we can give them.

WHR Reservation Outreach - In March a group of volunteers starts the collection process for clothing and schools supplies. We only distribute the very best, clean clothes, which are mainly collected from local churches. In addition to the lightly used clothing, we receive an annual donation of brand new Harley Davidson branded clothing, which is Valued at between $250-300,000 dollars. This clothing, along with donated school supplies and a generous amount of donated food is then delivered to the reservation in late July or early August, to coincide with a Powwow held in the Village of Red Shirt. During the Powwow we distribute the clothing and other supplies to the Powwow attendees, and also to a few other villages on the reservation.7

In December we plan another trip to the reservation to distribute Christmas presents to all of the children and adults in up to 5 communities. Along with the presents we also send winter clothing, boots, mittens and whatever we have collected that can be of use on the reservation.  In each village, we distribute the presents and other items during a Christmas Party that we host, complete with our own Santa and games and prized for the children.

8Between packing and distributing food, rehabbing housing, or collecting clothing and conducting parties, we feel truly blessed to be able to do this work. We invite any and all good and kind hearted people who want to do good in the world to join us and work with us to be God’s hands on earth. If anyone has an interest, please send us an email with your interests and contact information to info@worldwidehungerrelief.org.

Be Blessed,

Karl Ralian, Founder

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An organization that helps feed hungry people, locally, nationally and internationally. We partner with organizations to conduct food packs to provide fortified meals to nourish people (primarily children) in marginalized areas.

We believe that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or government affiliation, has an equal right to food, and we provide that food to as many needy people as we possibly can. Toward this end, we believe our efforts are a small but significant instrument to bring Peace into the world.