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In 2015 we reduced the number of food packing events by limiting them to pack sizes of more than 10,000 meals. We lost our operations manager so we only conducted packs that we could easily handle. Even so, we packed over 640,000 meals which we sent to Liberia and El Salvador. We have another container load of 256,000 meals for El Salvador which we are shipping in January of 2016. In addition to shipping our own containers we also partnered with another food packing charity to ship an additional three containers, one each to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Sri Lanka. Packing food for the hungry not only feeds starving children but also feeds the spirits of those who pack. If you are interested in conducting a food packing event, please let us know by emailing us at info@worldwidehungerrelief.org, or calling Karl Ralian at 262/617-4802.


For the third year in a row we fed all the people living in shelters in Waukesha, which number around 500. This is in conjunction with Match Day, a day in March when the Greater Milwaukee Foundation matches any donations made that day to selected charities. We do this to honor the organizations that care for the homeless and to honor the homeless themselves. During the Christmas season we purchased 240 turkeys to give away to people struggling to put food on the table, both in the greater Milwaukee area and also on the pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We have a strategic alliance with Just One More Ministry, www.jomm.org, which provides meals to hungry folks in Milwaukee and Waukesha.  Several of our folks volunteer with JOMM, and One of our people is on the Board of Directors of JOMM. Presently, they are feeding over 2,500 people per week, and we will be working with them to dramatically increase that number.


We have two separate programs to work with the Lakota of Pine Ridge. The first program provides material and spiritual help to the poorest people in the United States. This program is run by Gloria Klomsten and she and her volunteers work with individuals, churches, and civic organizations to collect clothing (mainly warm coats and related winter gear) and household items such as small appliances, dinnerwear, blankets and towels, etc. New inn 2015, we collected Back to School items for the village of Red Shirt on the reservation. We took a semi load of school supplies, clothing, housewares, and food to the reservation in July, along with a number of volunteers from Wisconsin. We partnered with our Lakota brothers and sisters to put on a Powwow in Red Shirt and we provided food for several hundred people at the Powwow. During the powwow we distributed school supplies and clothing for the children and parents in Red Shirt.

In December we returned to Pine Ridge with another semi loaded with warm winter clothing and gifts for the children of the reservation.  We brought along our very own Santa and had great Christmas parties in Red Shirt, and then in Oglala the next night. We brought so much clothing that we  had more than these two small communities could take, so we ended up donating the balance to Kyle, which is the second largest community on the reservation.

View Pictures of PowWow and Christmas




Our second program works to rebuild housing on the reservation. Most of the housing on the rez is substandard, with over 40% of the housing without electricity, plumbing and mechanical heating units. In addition, more than half of the houses are infested with potentially deadly black mold. Dave Piper and Brian Lubnow run this program, and this past summer we took a group of men and ladies to Pine Ridge and finished 5 individual rehab projects. We resheathed and shingled a roof, installed woodburning stoves in two houses, skirted a mobile home and installed a front porch and stairs in another mobile home. We plan to return to the reservation this summer and we have, at present, seven projects we plan to finish.

If you have an interest in working with us for 4-7 days on projects to do God’s work on the reservation this summer, please contact Dave Piper  or Brian Lubnow at davepiper77@yahoo.com or bdlubnow@gmail.com.

Please click here to view pictures of our 2015 completed projects. (coming soon)


We plan to continue the food packs essentially as we have done in the past. We have a good group of churches and organizations that do an annual pack with us and we are eternally grateful for their partnership. For 2016n we would love to do one or more food packs with inner city children, as packing food is a wealthy suburban event and we would love to provide the opportunity to some less advantaged children. We now have the funding to conduct one or more packs without the need to be compensated for the cost of the ingredients.

We will start collecting clothing and school supplies in the next several months. Our plans for Pine Ridge are similar to 2015, except that we want to provide one scholarship for a deserving Lakota youth to the  Oglala Lakota College in Kyle South Dakota. We will be meeting to start the process of selection in the next several weeks.

We are interested in growing our Lakota housing rehab program. In November we sent a semi load of insulated panels to the reservation and with these we can skirt a number of mobile homes.  Our limits are only those that we impose on ourselves, and we are looking for people who would like to do some meaningful work to help our Lakota Americans.

If you have questions, comments or advice, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to karl@worldwidehungerrelief.org

Contact us at: Karl@worldwidehungerrelief.org, and ask us how you can help.

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